The Leipzig design studio Elstertainment was founded in 2010 by Katharina Seitz and David Fischer.
We studied in, at and around the Bauhaus in Dessau and were rewarded with degrees as Designers. We found together through our common passion for eye-catching, playful and versatile design.
In our work we focus on all aspects of visual comunication.
We develop logos, pictogram systems, posters, flyers and brochures.
We find graphical solutions for packaging and products, create illustrations for books and magazines and design rooms and walls.
Sharing the characteristic of curiosity with the magpie, the heraldic animal and representative of our studio, we are always interested in new things, be it new projects, new ways of thinking about design or new and interesting problems for us to solve.

In our design process we value extensive communication with our counterparts and all involved parties.
From this we develop good ideas and conclusive concepts.
These results form the foundation for the visual implementation.
Our approach is to find an individual way for each project, based on the concept, our experience and the specific design requirements.
Our focus is to create individually and inspiringly designed worlds, consisting of refreshing graphics, handmade Typography and original illustrations. The goal is to provide clients with tools and solutions that enable them to develop or expand their brands and to demonstrate their particular skills.

If you are interested in working with us we would like to hear from you!


Print Design
Posters, flyers, record covers, packaging/labels

Corporate & Print Design
Logo and brand development, branding and corporate indentities

Wall design, pictogram design