Walldesign | Risoprint

For Leipzigs Hostel and Garden Eden we conceived and designed
a cat-themed twin room.
Inspired by the life of cats we came up with the concept for a cat room
based on the habits of cats. As we tried to combine the main needs of a hostel room with the best qualities of these furry creatures we quikly decided that the beds should be the centerpiece of this room. The ideas circled around installing platform beds that resemble the aesthetics of playful cat furniture like cat trees, scratching posts or climbing towers.
For the development and implementation of the furniture, we worked together with the Leipzig product design office Eigenform. This collaboration led to a multifunctional furniture that combines beds and plenty of storage room with a working place consisting of a sitting space and a small desk. All fitting nicely and elegant into the limited space the room provides. >>>

>>> We adapted the color scheme of the walls and the illustration style of the wallpaintings to the raw wooden material colors and aestethics of the furniture. The wallpaintings play with a reduced pattern based style inspired by the look and feel of woolen balls.
The lampshades and the color matched fabric-covered cable also act as imitations of huge balls of wool and were handpainted by us. Between all these things we placed plenty of cats, doing all types of cat stuff and enjoing life to the fullest.